Atelier38 FW23/24

‘Serendipity’ Collection Details

This season, we built our collection on a story in which we confront our past experiences, become free, heal, and carry only what works for us and makes us happy to this day.

Construction / De-Construction

We are opening our winter collection with the #elevatedbasics collection, just like last winter. We have created a very wide product group this season with our fine-textured, 100% wool Brisbane yarn.

This group, which combines oversize patterns with lace details, sweaters and cardigans that are not tight on the body and comfort is at the forefront, and designs that make you feel the warm, soft texture of knitwear, are extremely suitable for 'mix&match' and 'layering' with both their textures and color tones. While it allows the play of layers within itself, it also easily integrates into the Atelier38 woman's own wardrobe and harmonizes with many pieces.

The point where the story of this collection comes together is our group where we use our cashmere blended Cash5 yarn, which is the group that 'constructs and de-constructs'. We took our inspiration from the patterns that winked at us in the architecture of Andalusia and Istanbul and 'de-constructed' these patterns and adapted them to our collection. Patterned cardigans, sweaters, vest-like scarves and trousers…

In our Moher group, striped designs, the favorite of knitwear, combine with patterns flowing from the top and tattered details, creating a more sporty, 'cool' atmosphere throughout the collection. The vest, which can be combined very stylishly with shirts during seasonal transitions and with skintight turtleneck sweaters in winter, is the star of this group!

Another striking group of the collection is our group, which combines glittering threads with stylish designs and includes all kinds of occasions. From the knitwear dress with a backless, elegant, sparkling design to the bustier & trouser suit, each of the pieces in this group can be used both together and separately, helping you reflect the warmth and elegance of knitwear from day to night.

New generation 'twin-sets', which are indispensable for knitwear and reflect the Construction / De-Construction theme exactly, come to life in different yarns and different thicknesses in this collection.

From basic pieces to playful sweaters, we are here with a timeless and game-breaking Autumn-Winter collection.

About Atelier38

Founded by architect Gönül Karagöz, combining her mother's love and knowledge of knitwear with her own taste, Gönül Örme is actually where the seeds of Atelier38 were planted.

The secret of the success of Nihan Kayabal & Didem Karagöz, the second generation managers of the brand, who continue Gönül Örme's journey, which started in a small workshop, as Turkey's most important knitwear manufacturer, is their strong commitment to their business and the great value they attach to local production, production quality and product. Over the years, Gönül Örme has become the main manufacturer of large-scale, luxury brands both in Turkey and around the world.

Atelier38's journey begins with the changing world order allowing access to luxury products at more affordable prices without compromising quality and without intermediaries. As a Turkish manufacturing company that produces knitwear for world giant fashion brands, Gönül Örme realizes her dreams of meeting directly with knitwear lovers and establishes Atelier38!

Atelier38 creative team

Nihan Kayabal, one of the founding partners of Atelier38, completed her undergraduate education at Boğaziçi University, Department of International Relations, and completed her MBA at the University of Pittsburgh. He started his business life at the family company Gönül Örme and continues to work as a manager.

Didem Karagöz Yıldız, born in 1977, studied Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design after graduating from Boğaziçi University in Political Science and International Relations. He started his business life in the family company Gönül Örme and currently continues to work in the product development department of the company. He is one of the founding partners of the Atelier 38 brand, established under Gönül Örme, and works actively for the brand.

Tuğçe Özocak, who is the creative director of the brand, completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in the Department of Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Antwerp and started her career as a Designer Assistant alongside fashion designer Mehtap Elaidi. Later, he continued his career as a junior and then a senior designer in the design department of Beymen Academia and Beymen Collection brands. Between 2013 and 2017, he established his own brand while continuing as the chief designer at Mehtap Elaidi. Tuğçe Özocak, who is the creative director of the BAA accessory brand, continues to provide creative consultancy and projects through her own consultancy company as of 2017. Along with being the creative director of Atelier 38, he is also the artistic director of Marsel Delights, teaches first and senior classes at the International Fashion Academy, and works as a collaborator with Prada.

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