The seeds for Gönül Örme have been planted by Gönül Karagöz. Although she was
an architect by profession her love and knowledge of knitwear that she inherited from
her mother inspired her to start a colorful and creative venture that became a family
tradition. She combined her taste, skill  and vision in creating timeless knitwear
pieces adored by everyone.

The company’s second generation, two successful women, Nihan Kayabal and
Didem Karagöz took over the company and made Gönül Örme one of the top
knitwear manufacturers for large scale, high end brands both in Turkey and around
the world. The key factor in their success is the devotion and dedication to what they
do and the value and importance they give to local production and creating high
quality products.

Adapting to a changing world and putting years’ worth of know-how and experience
into a new venture; Atelier 38 is a dream come true for one of the biggest Turkish
knitwear manufacturers that globally supply to luxury brands!

“We are beyond excited and happy to share with you Atelier 38, named after the
street number of the building housing our beloved atelier that has become a second
home for us over the years. We’ve combined the high product quality and timeless
designs of Gönül Örme to bring together a thorough collection. And finally today, we
are at a very exhilarating turn of our journey #byheart!
Here we are, with a brand new brand and a brand new collection!
The love that we feel for what we are doing gives us strength for the driving force in
the success of Gönül Örme and Atelier 38.
Here’s more of our stories #byheart for you.."
Nihan Kayabal & Didem Karagöz