Welcome to the Atelier38 family!

We dreamed of a brand that supports the understanding of sustainable production in the world, brings together production quality and timeless designs, and we named it Atelier38.

We're entering our 4th season together!

In order not to get to know Nihan Kayabal and Didem Yıldız, the visionary founders of Atelier38, which we support with the knowledge and experience we have gained from Gönül Örme, which has become the dynamo of knitwear production for world giants such as Victoria Beckham, Kenzo, Paul Smith, Proenza Schouler, we asked them short questions.

Didem Yıldız's favorite thing about her job is seeing the products she produces on people while walking on the street. Seeing her products, especially in fashion shows abroad, gives her a different happiness.

When we asked him what it means to be working together with production in a large-scale workshop, he said, “I'm in touch with 130 people, there are very talented and talented people among them. Every day we try something new, learn something new. These shares and experiences improve people a lot.”

Nihan Kayabal's favorite part is the production part of the work. It gives him great pleasure to be the manufacturer of the models designed even as the Atelier38 brand founder. His proudest moments are when he sees Atelier38 products on his friends and friends. Direct positive feedback makes him very happy.

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